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two-hundred-thiry-two billion nano-cycles later...

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 1, 2012, 8:37 PM
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(...seliously, get your faces on there)

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Don't want to live on this planet anymore. Abandon ship.


(no reference to The Costa Concordia)
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So where were we...?

Ah yes...

Considering deleting my Pokemon images. *DUN-DUN*
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Wellity wellity well, we've already surpassed the first fortnight of 2011 and it's already marching in with full colors. With parts of Queensland being annihilated by freak floodings (I blame murlocs and shamans) to me getting a new job! (yay me, quiet time)

And we're back. So 2011 new years was AWESOME! - not really, I was out like a log. Letting you guys in on a little something: I HATE new years. It's over-rated and I'm always alone when it happens as far back as i can remember. Like, even when my family went to the Philippines for x-mas and NY-2010, we booked ourselves into the Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu City (my hometown) so we can get a killer 360 view of the cities fireworks display.
It was about 11.30pm and i was getting my gear on and waited on the roof floor ready to countdown. by 11.55 i was getting anxious none of my family was showing up, so i called them all...apparently my mum just woke up and my dad was asleep coz he had a huge dinner same as my bro. I already knocked down a few drinks and was busting to go to the toilet/bathroom so went downstairs(roof toilet had a line). Finished doing my thang, hopped on the elevator back to the roof and all the sudden i heard small guessed it(or didn't) Fireworks! I i spent the first minutes of 2010 in an elevator like a stooge and then the next few hours on the roof with absolute a stooge.

Heres a brief list of my NY fails:
2009- At a friends house with alot of people and missed the countdown coz i went for a quick food run.
2008- On a manhunt.
2007- The awkward 5th wheel.
2006- At a sweet house where a friend was house-sitting. chilling, star-gazing on the roof with my mp3player on and missed it (probably listening to something emo, coz i broken up with someone recently).
2005- At the Philippines in the E.R waiting room. my uncle copped it above above his eye with a firework.
2004- On the can(actually, thats awesome).
2003- First time I was with friends for NY and got absolutely hammered well before the strike of midnight. (Yay, for coming out of my shell in the 12th grade!)
2002- Too busy failing at GoldenEye trying to unlock the cheat from Facility.
2001- Bed ridden. Can't remember what was wrong with me, but I know I was incredibly ill.
2000- Can't remember this far back. But I remember my dad turned off the power switchboard to 'avoid any electricals short circuiting/overloading' because of the 'millennium bug'

And any year before 00' I was probably asleep or just watched the fireworks on TV.

Last thing, i'm kinda back on Twitter @lunchbox411. I'll probably be reporting any project progressions via there too.

SO blah, blah. I congratulate you if you've managed to read up to this point. Here, have an imaginary gold star! Again, thank you to everybody who comments, favs or adds to watch. I do take the time to read all your comments, just knowing people appreciate my work keeps me going!

Adios hombres and pretty hombrettes.
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I have managed to live 20 something successful complete orbital revolutions! Yay me.

Normally Id'e be dodging the acknowledgement of today being my birthday but power leveling my Paladin to 80 on blocked off the task. So, I may as well bask in moment. /smileyFace

Whats that? Yeah, I do play Rorld of Warcraft and yes I am trying to level a paladin to 80 before the expansion, but it doesn't look like its going to happen since launch day is tomorrow! and i only hit managed to hit 77. /sigh

On a different note, tomorrow is also Linkin Parks tour day in Perth! I'm way more pumped than all my friends. Purely because I don't think they enjoyed the new album as much as did. And yeees I know not alot of people disliked it because it's a big step away from Hybrid Theory and Meteora. But hey! I'm a fan, no matter what they do. No need to diss people that are actually creating something.

Anyways, Brosephs and Brosephines. Stay classy and check out my birthday cake I built this morning! (Bread roll form last Friday, lathered in Nutella and substituted with a $5 Cigar.

BUT before I finally leave you alone. I just want to point out, THANK YOU so much for you comments and inputs to my artwork. Trust me, they don't go ignored! I just really think it's pretty vanilla to continuously respond with "thanks" or "thank you" to every comment. So just remember, as soon as you hit that "submit comment" button where ever I am, whatever I'm doing...I'm sending you a big thank you (and possible an inappropriate hug)

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Hey guys,

Nothing new, just working on the regular petty projects keeping butter on my bread.

Just wondering if any Perth locals know of any Gallery spaces in the area, if you know one/few drop me a message either here or Facebook. If you have neither...i'm fresh out of ideas.

but I just want to leave a reminder to keep your comments PG rated. I admire the enthusiasm in your comments, but please leave out the course language.

muches gracias.
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my first art exhibition turned out to be quiet a success!

Unfortunately, I think I should of advertised it on DeviantArt too to get Perth crowd going /facepalm.


However if your from Perth and interested, works will be up till...

31st May @ KULCHA (13 South Terrace, Fremantle - entrance next door to Dome Cafe)
Gallery hours 10am-4pm.

I'll also be in the gallery on Thursdays from 1pm-3pm.
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Take me out to the pasture and shoot me.
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So sad how I am utterly useless without my laptop. Can't get any of work fully completed, I miss using my light tablet, and especially my music and movies!
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So the other day I saw a youtube video of someone doing a celebrity portrait(Jessica Alba). I thought it was pretty amazing how someone could discipline themself to do something so accurate in a 7 hour time frame.

In the end I thought: What the hell is the point of replicating a photo-reference? And in 7 hours? Too much free-time or waste of time? They could of just got the original photo and airbrushed off the grain-noise and would of had the extact same result done in less time.

Personally I would of given them serious respect if they did it on paper or canvas, but on digital its just...yeah...a waste of time. Like, I understand the versatility of using a computer to illustrate is very powerful, but where is the practicality in replicating images?

In result, I had a go at demonstrating what good practical digital drawings should look like.
If you don't like my style, heres a some celbrity portraits done by other deviants.

These guys have a flawless and unique technique:
:iconzhuzhu: :iconjarodtao: :icontobiee:
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"It's quiet, too quiet"

That pretty much sums up the past few weeks.

If you've made a request, don't worry it's still in progress. It's just my "idea processing" has been really slow lately and it's been tough trying to get inspired. I don't know why...

Maybe i'm just feeling too relaxed now the climate is fairly cold.

Again if your a passing by my gallery and leaving a comment, i'll thank you now as i may forget to thank you.
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Thanks everyone for your comments, appreciate your time to stop by and check out my work.

To sum up the local forecast:

Gyarados used Twister.
It's super effective!
The Australian climate fainted.

By the way guys, I'm open for suggestions on what next pokemon I can re-interpret....i think thats the correct term.
At the moment I am working on Shinx and Treeko.